We hope that you find everything in our guest house to be spotlessly clean and generally better than you expected. If, at any time during your stay, you find that this is not the case or need any assistance, please feel free to call us! In the meantime, the information in this booklet may help to answer many of your questions and ensure that you may have the most comfortable stay possible. It includes helpful tips about the amenities of the guest house as well as recommendations for food, beverages, outdoor recreation, shopping, and other experiences.

Thank you for visiting, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything at all!

Emergency – 911

Elissa cell – 618-697-0587

Beth cell – 636-698-4212

Katrina cell – 618-521-5049

Paul cell – 618-697-9588





There are 3 heating/air units: one in the main living area and one in each bedroom. Each is controlled by remote.

To Turn On: Press START/STOP Button in Center

To Change From Heat to Cool and Vice Versa: Press Master Control Button on Left

To Change the Temperature Setting: Press the Up or Down Arrows in Center

To Change the Fan Speed: Press the Fan Button on Right

NOTE: In the winter when the temperature falls to less than 40 degrees, please ensure when you leave the house that all three units are left on heat at 60 degrees (minimum) to prevent frozen pipes. Otherwise, the units may be turned off at the end of your stay. Thank you!


WiFi Username: VineyardHouse Password: 6366984212

We love the privacy of being in the country and down the hill a bit off the main road, but unfortunately this leaves us with limited options when it comes to internet access. We are only able to access the internet via satellite, and it is typically very reliable but may occasionally be affected by inclement weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! In case you need to reset the router, it is located on the TV stand.

The television is connected to a Roku and streaming Blu-ray player so you may watch movies via DVD/Blu-ray, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Cable/satellite television is not provided.

To use the TV: The Roku remote and/or large remote control the television power and volume, and the small remote is for the Blu-ray player. When the Roku input is selected, a menu will appear with different Apps from which you may choose—Pandora, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.—or you may choose to enter a DVD/Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray player. (If the Roku or Blu-ray menu doesn’t appear right away, please press the “Source” button on the large remote until it appears.)

Please feel free to use the complimentary Pandora music account we have provided, or you may use your own accounts, if you have them, to access the rest.


Complimentary coffee and tea (along with sugar, honey, etc.) are located in the cabinet above the coffee maker with a variety of creamer options in the refrigerator. Olive oil and basic spices are provided in the cabinet above the counter to the left of the sink.

Tap water is potable, but please feel free to use the Brita pitcher in the refrigerator for drinking water, if you prefer. Ice trays are located in the freezer.

Upon your departure, please place used dishes in the dishwasher and run it. Detergent pods are located under the kitchen sink.

Oven use – please place foil on the bottom rack to prevent spills.

There are 4 extra dining chairs – 1 in each bedroom, and 2 in the coat closet by the front door. Feel free to pull the dining table out from the wall for extra seating!


Linens for the sleeper sofa and Pack ‘n Play are located in the guest bath linen closet on the bottom shelf.

The Pack ‘n Play is stored in the master bath walk-in closet.

Extra towels may also be found in the guest bath linen closet on the next-to-bottom shelf.

A hair dryer, extra toilet paper, and extra shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. are located in the cabinets under the bathroom sinks.

Please feel free to use the additional blankets located in the basket under the windows in the living room or in the chest in the master bedroom. A box fan may be found in each bedroom closet.

If you use extra blankets, please leave them out so we know to wash them! We launder all towels and bedding after every guest, but to conserve water and energy, we prefer not to wash any extra blankets that haven’t been used. Thank you for your help!


Iron and ironing board are on the back of the laundry room door.

Washer and dryer are free to use, but detergent, etc. is not provided. Please check your pockets to ensure gum, lip balm, and metal objects do not enter the machines. Thank you!

If necessary during your stay, basic cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink. These are simply for your convenience—please don’t worry about spending too much time tidying up. You’re on vacation! :)


Cushions for the deck chairs may be found in the storage bench by the deck steps. Please replace them when you finish using them.

The electric grill may be plugged into the outlet under the light fixture on the back deck. To protect the house and deck while using the grill, please move it as far from the house as the cord will reach and ensure that the grill pad is placed under it. Grill tools are located in the bottom drawer to the right of the dishwasher in the kitchen.

You are free to use the fire pit! Firewood may be found on the rack or under the deck by the steps. Please use caution and leave the mesh cover on while enjoying the fire pit, and then ensure the fire is put out completely before leaving it unattended. Also, please replace the weather-proof cover once the fire pit has cooled. Matches and lighters may be found in the bottom drawer to the right of the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Stored by the back laundry room door are roasting sticks for the fire pit and an umbrella to set up over the outdoor dining table for shade. Please ensure that the umbrella is closed when not in use—even with the woodlands protecting us, we get some nasty winds from time to time!

Up for a little friendly competition? A few lawn games may be found inside the back laundry room door by the umbrella or in the closet by the front door!


Books, games, cards, DVD’s, a few kids’ toys, etc. for your use are located on the coffee/side tables and inside the television stand—please enjoy!


Fire/Police/Ambulance – Call 911

Guest House Address: 8425 State Route 127 N, Alto Pass, IL 62905

Exits: front door, rear door in master bedroom, rear door through laundry room

First Aid Kit: in the cabinet under the sink in the guest bath

Fire Extinguishers: one under the kitchen sink; one w/ the grill/fire pit supplies in the bottom drawer to the right of the dishwasher

Smoke/CO detectors w/ spoken alarms located in each bedroom and hallway.


St. Joseph Memorial Hospital                                                                2 S Hospital Dr Murphysboro, IL 62966

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale                                                     405 W Jackson St Carbondale, IL 62901